Don’t miss out on summer, family fun!

Spring leaps right into summer in Virginia, and that means your yard should be ready for all of the attention it’s about to get. A beautiful, vast, green lawn is something to be really proud of, and you undoubtedly work very hard to maintain it. While grass and gardens are pretty on their own, incorporating hardscaping elements into the landscape can really bring your yard to life. “Hardscaping” refers to the man-made features in a landscape, such as patios, paved areas, walls, benches, and walkways. Keep reading to learn more about what hardscaping can do for you, your property, and even the environment!


When lush, organic landscapes are paired with thoughtfully designed hardscaping elements, the result is a beautifully balanced property. Great hardscaping draws inspiration from the natural shapes, lines, and textures of the landscape, creating a seamless transition from your home to your outdoor living space. Hardscaping can transform a flat, vast yard into a stimulating, visually diverse space with depth, dimension, and defined lines and edges. Hardscaping elements such as walls, patios, and walkways can provide organization for your plants, lawns, and gardens, enhancing their beauty and highlighting their place in your yard. Incorporating elegant walkways and paths can also help to direct people where you want them to go, protecting your grass and plants from too much foot traffic. Your hardscaping elements will work with the organic elements in your yard to create a functional, picturesque landscape that is truly an extension of your home. 


Hardscaping can be just as useful as it is beautiful. With patios, paved areas, and walkways, more of your yard is accessible year round. More hardscaping means more space to entertain and more comfort for your guests and family members. Installing an outdoor kitchen gives you the space you need for meal preparation, so you don’t have to leave the party to cook in the house. There’s nothing like a fire pit to bring people together, either! Patios, benches, walkways, walls, stone paths; the possibilities are endless, and you can make your space uniquely “you.” In addition to extending the amount of space you have to entertain, hardscaping can create privacy for you and your guests at all of your gatherings. Courtyard walls, fences, and stony boundary lines allow for privacy and frame your yard beautifully.


Unlike your lawn or garden, hardscaped areas are extremely low maintenance. It requires no mowing, trimming, snipping, or pruning, and you will never have to water it. Since you won’t have to fret about keeping it green and healthy, you will have more time to enjoy your outdoor space. With less lawn and garden to tend to, you’ll save money on your water bill. Hardscaping features can be designed to help keep water in places you want it, making sure there’s less leakage from the areas that need it the most. So, you won’t have to water your plants as much, either. When planned correctly, hardscaping features can greatly reduce erosion. Retaining walls, barriers, and stone or concrete in areas where erosion is likely can keep your ground intact for years to come. Hardscaping benefits both your wallet and our environment through water conservation and land preservation, all while adding to the beauty and functionality of your yard.


To top it all off, hardscaping even increases your property value. By adding more usable square footage to your home, your property becomes more valuable to potential buyers. An outdoor space they can envision themselves enjoying is a great selling point, and many buyers are looking for properties with these features. Not to mention, beautiful hardscaping in your front yard will maximize your curb appeal. It is the first thing people see, and a good first impression is invaluable. You can decide exactly how you want to welcome guests into your home with the endless choices of hardscaping designs and materials available. The possibilities are endless, but the end result is always fantastic when you work with G&R Contracting on your hardscaping projects. Call us today for a free consultation!