Lighting up the night has never been more fun, or affordable. G&R Contracting specializes in landscape and outdoor lighting for your home, your office, or your business.


Landscape lighting refers to the illumination of your outdoor living spaces. Anything from patios and decks, gardens, landscapes, or the home or office building itself can (and should) be illuminated. There’s a reason why cities make use of street and sidewalk lights. It’s all practical, inexpensive, and incredibly functional.


There are three main reasons to consider landscape lighting:

1. It reduces crime

Believe it or not, landscape lighting has been proven to reduce or even completely deter crimes from happening. According to the National Institute of Justice, well placed security lights can be the difference between a safe, or a crime ridden area. Installing lights on homes, buildings, or in pathways or driveways can prevent robberies, break ins, or worse from happening.

2. It adds functionality and safety

You can’t deny the wow factor of adding lighting fixtures to beautiful homes and buildings. But beyond the aesthetics, lighting actually adds a level of functionality. Making use of your outdoor living spaces at night by adding lights to your deck or patio space is a simple way to take advantage of your all that your home has to offer.

3. Outdoor lighting increases value and curb appeal

A well planned and well executed lighting or landscape design can create increases in your property’s value by as much as 15-20%. The wow factor is called “curb appeal” and strategic use of lighting can give your property a bigger overall feel, increasing its values.

What sets G&R Contracting apart is the proven history of expertly executed lighting projects, and our incredibly satisfied clients. Give us a call or fill out the contact me form and let’s talk about how outdoor lighting can work for you.

FX Luminaire and Vista Professional lighting products are a fantastic way to enhance your home or landscape.

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