Sprinkler systems are a perfect way of creating rainfall-like irrigation to lawns, crops, and gardens. Water is distributed through a system of pipes, and spray heads distribute the water evenly across soil surfaces. As we build out your irrigation system, we can focus on specific areas of your property so that unlike watering with a hose, less water is wasted.

The Advantages of Sprinkler Irrigation

There’s a slew of reasons to think about sprinkler irrigation systems. Here are some of the advantages for irrigation installation:

  • No terracing required. Sprinkler irrigation is suitable for uniform and undulating slopes
  • Suitable for all types of soil
  • Application rates and times are adaptable to the specific needs of the plants
  • Allows the possibility of alternative purposes: sprouting, frost protection, or cooling during hotter periods

Remember that sprinkler irrigation is usable on any slope and with any soil type. The average application rate from the sprinklers can be set to be less than the basic infiltration rate of your soil so that surface ponding is never an issue in your yard, garden, or farm.

The System’s Layout

Your new irrigation system features the latest technology to bring water to your lawn or garden. The system includes:

  • The Pump Unit
  • The Main Line and Sublines
  • The Laterals
  • The Sprinkler Heads

The main lines and sublines are the pipes that deliver water that’s pumped from your pump unit. The lines are buried below ground level and allow the water to be safely delivered to your land without fear of damage as you walk through your property.

The laterals deliver water from the lines that are buried underground to your sprinkler heads. They can be permanent but are more often portable and interchangeable. Finally, the sprinkler heads have the capability to pop up from below ground level to deliver the water to your grass or plants, then safely retract to avoid damage.

G&R Contracting has the capability to install the entire automatic system and manage the requirements to winterize and repair your system whenever needed.

If you’re noticing dead plants, brown patches of lawn, or want to save time and money by eliminating the need to manually water your land, give G&R Contracting a call today!

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