How To Startup Your Sprinkler System (in the Spring)


Winter is coming ...and it’s gone. Now that the weather is starting to warm up, it’s time to get your irrigation system up and running. Here’s a quick 4 step guide to ensuring that your system is operational:


1. Prepare the Vacuum Breaker (or backflow) for Water Turn-On

If your system has been winterized, you’ll need to open the ports using a screwdriver.

2. Turning on the Water Supply

Find your main water line. Place the cap back on the drain, then pressurize the system. Often, the irrigation supply line will be before the hot water heater.

3. Sealing the Vacuum Breaker

Close the exit side of the vacuum breaker and turn on the water coming in from the supply line. This will allow water to flow through your whole system.

4. Setting the Irrigation Controller

We recommend that you test the irrigation system using a manual “on” process. Remember to check each of your irrigation heads and ensure they’re operable. This could take a few minutes as the system expels air from the lines.


Remember, it's always a best practice to let a trained professional handle your irrigation system. If you have a company that handles your winterization and your turn-on, they’re usually responsible for blowing it out in the fall and firing it up in the spring and any repairs that may be required.


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