Irrigation Services

Irrigation is used to keep crops and lawns hydrated, provide cooling, and control the level of dust in the air. A properly designed and maintained irrigation system is essential for healthy, functional lawns and landscapes.

For over 18 years, G&R contracting has been providing Richmond professional service and installation. We work on both residential and commercial systems. If you're tired of dragging that hose around,  give us a call and we'll set you up to maintain your property.


Irrigation is done with sprinkler systems. These include oscillating sprinklers, drip sprinklers, impact sprinklers and underground systems. Permanent systems often work on timers and automated control. Sometimes they are installed with retractable heads, both for viewing pleasure and functionality. Even large yards can be maintained by such systems, with little to no effort by the homeowner.


Proper Irrigation Companies like G & R Contracting can install sprinkler systems in little to no time, depending on the size of the property. Our goal is to install your system with the least amount of stress to the lawn. Once the installation is complete, we will guide you through, explaining how your system works. If you have further questions, feel free to call us anytime after the sprinkler system is installed.

Irrigation Repair

Like your car, as an irrigation system ages it requires repair or replacement of valves, sprinkler heads, control units, and back-flows. Damage to irrigation systems can also occur from lawn mowers, aerators, utility installations, and weather conditions.


Prevent freeze or frost damage to your irrigation system by having it winterized each fall by G&R Contracting. Systems that go without winterization could be subject to an expensive repair (on average, $500-$600 back-flow replacement). Call us today to setup your appointment!

Spring Startup

Click Here to find out more about our spring start-up irrigation service.

Spring is the perfect time to tune up your irrigation system and replace any broken sprinkler heads to ensure maximum efficiency and proper watering of your landscape

Choosing The Right Types of Irrigation

Irrigation systems can be tailored to your specific need. They can be underground or above ground, they can work with your landscaping or can be completely independent. Here are a few of the possibilities.

Drip Irrigation

This is the most environmentally conscious irrigation option. The water is distributed directly into the root system of the plants, and only needs to run for a very short time to be completely effective.

Greenwall Irrigation

Wall gradients are used to allow water to work their way down from a wall of plants. This is especially useful for a garden that requires automatic regular watering.

Riser Pipes

These are most commonly used in flower beds, the nozzles are interchangeable to control volume, angle, and water flow. A riser pipe needs only to be active for 10-15 minutes to be effective.

Popup Sprinkler

These irrigation wonders are hidden below ground and use a pipe to deliver water to specific areas or to cover an entire lawn or garden. They retract when not in use, preventing damage while keeping your lawn green all year long.

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