Your home is your safe space, but all too often we see homeowners make very little use of their outdoor living space. Reimagine what it means to be at home with an outdoor living space redesign by G&R Contracting.


We also love that Spring has sprung and it’s time to get outside! There’s no better place to be than in your backyard, enjoying family and friends on a beautifully hardscaped patio. A G&R hardscape job will add beauty and functionality to your home, and increase your home’s value.

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We schedule a time to meet with you at your location to assess your area, learn about what your wants, needs, and concerns are prior to sharing with you how we can make the best use of your area and bring your outdoor living space to life!

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Hardscaping Benefits:

  • Designs work in every season
  • Proper water absorption: drainage tunnel installation, lawn health, and flood prevention
  • While plant and shrubbery can change drastically, hardscapes can last for years

An effective hardscaping job will add beauty and functionality to your home, and increase your home’s value. G&R’s expert hardscapers are capable of:

  • Paver Patios
  • Retaining Walls
  • Sidewalk paths and pavers
  • Pavestone
  • Stairs
  • Fire Pits
  • Driveways
  • Handicap Ramps
  • And many more...


Most hardscaping jobs are completely custom. Very rarely are any two homes and yards exactly alike. G&R takes the time to create a detailed plan that makes the best use of your space. We’re all about efficiency.

From flagstone retaining walls to custom patios, give G&R a call (804) 360-2686 and take advantage of our free consultation today.

All fire pits have accessories which can be added such as a grand fire ring and grate for cooking on.

All bar and grill installations include Vermont castings stainless steel gas grill and stainless steel storage door.


Retaining walls serve a myriad of different purposes. They can function as retaining wall fences, backyard vanity installations, or separating two or more areas of different soil elevations.

Anyone with a strong back can lay bricks together, but it takes years of skill, proper planning, and masterful execution to build a retaining wall that lasts the test of time. If your next hardscaping job includes the construction of a retaining wall, our builders have the expertise and materials to ensure that your next project is a success from start to the end of time.

A Long Lasting Wall

There’s so much more than just stacking up stones to building a retaining wall. To ensure that your wall lasts a lifetime, you’ll need to consider the trench, leveling your hole, proper fill and compacting, drainage considerations, aligning, and capstoning. Without considering all of these, your retaining wall construction may result in a less than optimal product; one that won’t last very long, or will create unforeseen issues.

Retaining Wall Repair

If you’re the owner of an older retaining wall that wasn’t constructed correctly, you may have begun noticing water overflow or buildup, soil deposits or overflow, or other issues. G&R is capable of identifying the problem and offering solutions. Give us a call and take advantage of a free consultation with a professional builder.

Tall Stone Walls

A wall that’s taller than 4 feet will likely require a permit and a plan made by a licensed engineer. For safety, these projects are often not DIY and will require you to seek professional service. If you’re thinking of building a retaining wall higher than 4 feet, take advantage of G&R’s free consultation with a professional builder.

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