Water drainage plays a critical role in making sure that your home or building is safe from water damage. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. At G&R Contracting, we’re equipped and prepared to help you with preventative issues with drainage and resolve damage from sitting water..

Drainage Systems

Improper drainage (from gutters) is one of the leading causes of foundation damage. Water can corrode your home or building’s foundation, leading to costly repairs.

Poor Soil Drainage

Poor soil drainage can result in standing water around your home. Prolonged periods of excess water near your property can cause direct damage, and expansion of soil from moisture (hydrostatic pressure) can put pressure on your home’s foundation and cause damage.

Sloped Landscapes

Hills and slopes around your home deliver water to your home and cause groundwater to pool. Slopes should be angled away from your home, but if that’s not possible, then consider trench drain systems, or other solutions.

Watering Systems

Sprinkler systems can cause issues when they water too much. If you’re noticing standing water after your automatic watering system waters your lawn, you might have drainage problems. This could be especially prevalent if you’ve just laid down sod on your lawn.

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