It’s Christmas in July! And we don’t mean it’s time to hang the tacky Christmas lights.  We’re talking about elegant, professional landscape lighting.  Landscape lighting is a fun and functional way to illuminate your outdoor living spaces. There is plenty of room for creativity in lighting up gardens, patios, porches, walkways, and yards.  Not only is outdoor lighting aesthetically pleasing, it increases the value of your home, adds practicality and safety, and reduces the risk of crime, too.


Landscape lighting is a beautiful way to showcase your outdoor living areas.  By adding lighting to patios and yards, many more hours of visibility and usage are added, as well.  This, in turn, expands your overall living space and adds value to your property.  In fact, it is estimated to increase your home’s value by as much as 15-20%.


While yard features, such as decks and walkways, are extremely useful in the daylight, they lose much of their functionality when the sun goes down.  Installing outdoor lighting removes this concern and makes your yard even more safe to use at night.  No need to worry about tripping over flower pots or down steps.


Another benefit to landscape lighting is its proven reduction of crime.  A well-lit yard becomes much less of a target for robbery and vandalism.  A recent study showed that crime can be cut by 39% simply by having proper outdoor lighting.  So, while your yard becomes more useful and appealing, it also becomes safer… a win-win for the homeowner!