We’re excited to announce the launch of our new logo and brand identity! You’ll soon start seeing it everywhere we are. We partnered with River City Consulting to develop a new brand for G&R Contracting, and in this post, we’ll give you an inside look at how it all came together.

Why the New Look?

G&R has been going strong since 1998, but we’ve grown a lot since then. In the beginning, we were primarily landscapers, but our services have since expanded to include everything from hardscaping and outdoor lighting to irrigation and drainage. While our old logo lets our customers know that we can make their lawn look fantastic, it doesn’t represent the dynamic company we’ve become. So, to better represent who we have become in the past couple of decades, we decided to refresh our brand image.

The Drawing Board

Our designers started by sketching out all of their ideas. From these rough sketches, they chose the concepts that were most in line with our vision and refined them on paper before moving forward digitally.

Asking Around

Once the logo ideas were digitized, we chose the three strongest concepts and conducted a survey asking our colleagues and customers which design was their favorite and why. This feedback is really important to us, and it was taken into consideration during our decision-making process.

The Winning Design

The water droplet design was ultimately the winning concept, touching on nature’s elements. The leaf represents our work in landscaping, the stone pavers represent our beautiful hardscaping, and the water droplet shape itself represents our expertise in drainage and irrigation. We also love that the stacked typography of our business name is similar in appearance to our old logo; we wanted to keep some of those original elements for those who already recognized that design.

After a few weeks of development, tweaking, and perfecting, we arrived at our final design. We feel that our new brand will both inspire our customers and serve our business, which was our ultimate goal. It represents the variety of services that we now offer while staying true to our roots. We’re beyond excited moving forward, and would love to hear what you think!