As Virginians, we are lucky to live in an area that experiences the beauty of all four seasons.  However, the intense sunshine and snow do leave us with a few more responsibilities than other, one-season states.  One important winter step that many people forget is winterizing irrigation systems. With Virginia’s common below-freezing temperatures, making sure your irrigation system is prepared for the cold is crucial to save you from severe damage and repairs.

What Is Winterization?

Winterizing irrigation systems is a precautionary procedure that removes excess water from vulnerable pipes.  The process is time consuming and detailed, which is why it is best done by irrigation maintenance professionals.

Save Money

Your irrigation system is an important investment.  Winterizing these systems will save you large amounts of money in the long run.  Any bit of water left in irrigation pipes can freeze and expand during the winter, causing pipes to crack.  The cost of repairing these systems is far greater than the cost of winterizing.

Avoid Wasting Time and Landscaping

When irrigation system pipes burst, homeowners usually don’t realize there is a problem until well into spring.  Once they find the issue, it can take weeks for system repairs to take place.  By this time, much landscaping can be lost due to the lack of irrigation and, often, the process of repairing the system can wreak havoc on your yard, too.  Having your irrigation system winterized can save you time and save your yard.

Protect Tap Water

Another reason why you should winterize your irrigation system is to protect your home’s tap water. The backflow prevention device is an important piece of your irrigation system which prevents contaminants, such as fertilizer, pesticides, and animal waste, from entering your home’s water pipes.  This piece of the system is above ground and exposed to the elements and is, therefore, even more at risk of freezing.

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