Your outdoor living space might be the last thing on your mind now that it’s freezing outside, but winter is actually the perfect time to start planning your next hardscaping project. If you call G&R Contracting today, you’ll be ready to enjoy a new patio or outdoor kitchen before your flowers start to bloom. Here are the top 5 reasons to tackle your hardscaping projects in the winter:

1. Lower Costs

The cost of hardscaping materials is driven by supply and demand. Since contractors are busiest during spring and summer, the demand for building materials drops significantly during the colder months. Getting started on your hardscaping project now could save you a bundle!

2. Less Wait Time

Everyone wants a beautiful backyard in the summer, so that’s when we’re the busiest! If you wait until it warms up to call a contractor, you might have to get in line. We will be able to set up your initial consultation and start your project much more quickly if you call G&R Contracting today.

3. More Time to Plan

Getting started in winter means you will not be rushed during the planning and design phases of your project. With so many beautiful options available, you’ll be glad to have the extra time to choose the perfect design and materials for your new outdoor living space.

4. Faster Completion

Hardscaping in the winter speeds up the process from start to finish. We are quicker to meet with you, quicker to order materials and quicker to break ground on site. We aren’t as busy when it’s cold outside, so we can focus more of our attention on you, your project and getting it done faster.

5. Ready for Spring!

Spring and summer should be spent making memories, not rushing to finish that project you’ve been putting off. If you call us now, you’ll get to enjoy your new outdoor living space all season long. You’ll be entertaining guests and hosting parties before your neighbors even plan their first cookout!